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Marina Sabio

    My name is Marina Sabio and I am a sculptor and illustrator. I was born in Barcelona, city where I am currently based. Marina Sapiens was born in France though, where I lived for almost 10 years.

I studied cinema at the FCC Blanquerna and specialised in cinema direction and script writing. My cinema studies made me lean towards stop motion animation and finally, towards character design. I make naive and silly characters to make you smile and transmit my love for science, nature, books and movies. All my works are handmade in my studio in Barcelona, where I also proudly run my own online shop and business.

I spend my days looking down at tiny things on my desk, so in my spare time, I like looking up at the vastness of the universe. I am an amateur astronomer and I also love solitude, coffee, walks in nature and my dog, Darwin.


The studio

This is my studio and working space :)

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